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Sweet Sugar Slide is a complete game optimized to Ludei’s CanvasPlus (cocoon.io) allowing perfect performance for Android and iOS builts. The game itself offers an endless game expierence. Also the player is able to earn coins for playing and for watching ads (using AdMob interstial ads).

Those coins the player can spend on diffrent characters increasing the score multiplactor. The more players are unlocked, the higher the multiplicator is.

The package includes all assets as well as the Construct 2 source code (capx file).


You can download the game template including the capx file here.

[creativ_button url=”https://codecanyon.net/item/sweet-candy-slide-android-ios-game/21035817?ref=black_op” icon=”download-alt” label=”Codecanyon.net” colour=”blue” colour_custom=”” size=”medium” edge=”rounded” target=”_blank”] [creativ_button url=”https://www.codester.com/items/5400/sweet-candy-slide-construct-2-game-template?ref=AndreasR” icon=”download-alt” label=”Codester.com” colour=”dark-gray” colour_custom=”” size=”medium” edge=”rounded” target=”_blank”]


Please play the demo applications first. You can download them below.

[appbox appstore 1260169203] [appbox googleplay com.treshabox.candytree]

If you don’t want to download the mobile version, please check out our HTML5 Demo available here.

[creativ_button url=”https://goo.gl/apy86o” icon=”play” label=”Sweet Sugar Slide – HTML5 Demo” colour=”green” colour_custom=”” size=”medium” edge=”rounded” target=”_blank”]



Welcome to our documentation for Sweet Sugar Slide. Here you’ll find all information needed to get started with our Game Template. First of all, please make sure that you have installed all listed plugins / behaviors below. Otherwise you cannot open the capx project file.


Please see the requirements for this game template.

  • Construct 2 Personal Edition or higher
  • Below listed plugins & behaviors installed


Our game is using some third-party addons (plugins & behaviors) adding a lot of new features and possibilities to the game. Below you’ll find a list showing you all used addons. If you don’t have those addons installed, please download / purchase those first.

Please note, some plugins are premium plugins. You need to own those plugins! They are not included in this package.



For the both plugins board and square tx, made by rexrainbow, I recommend you to use his plugin / behavior download tool. Find out more here.

  • CocoonAds
  • CocoonInapps
  • CocoonGooglePlayGames
  • CocoonGameCenter
  • CocoonCanvasPlus

Please download the cocoon plugins here. Those plugins are made by Ludei and are available for free at github.com


Cocoon Construct 2 Plugins 0.00 KB 11000 downloads

Download the Cocoon Plugins for Construct 2 now! The download link fetches the latest...
  • Cordova Dialog
  • Cordova Powermanagament (keeps the screen awake while using WebView+)
  • Cordova Google Analytics

Those plugins are premium plugins and included in the “Cordova Plugin Package” sold by Cranberrygame. If you do not own this package, please get it here.


Cranberrygame - Cordova Plugins 150 MB 4823 downloads

Download the awesome Cordova Plugin Package provided by Cranberrygame. The package...


All used behaviors are made by Rexrainbow and are available for free. Please download the missing ones below. Please download the missing ones below. Just click the list items in order to get to the download page.


Here you find all information for the used functions.


The game is ready to be fully localised. It’s using our Localisation template. Please find all relevant documents over here.


This game supports Android’s Google Play Games and iOS GameCenter as leaderboard. It’s all combined in one project file, so you do not need to maintain two diffrent projects for iOS and Android.

This game uses our Cross Platform template. Please find all relevant documents here.


The game is using AdMob as ad network. The functions are delivered by the CocoonAds plugin. You must install the corresponding cordova plugins at cocoon in order to get it working.

  • Native AdMob Ads for Android
  • Native AdMob Ads for iOS

You find those plugins at cocoon.io => [Your Project] => Settings => Plugins => Cocoon

This game uses our Cross Platform template. Please find all relevant documents here.

Your IDs

The ads are completely setup in this project. There is no need to do any adjustments to the code. Only the ID’s must be replaced with yours.

Just find the “CocoonAds” plugin in the Construct 2 project and select it. This will show the plugin properties. There you can replace our ID’s with yours.

I recommend you to use the “SMART” banner size. It fits automatically to the screen.


The game saves its progress at the LocalStorage of your device. The game fetches and saves all data automatically. There is no need to do any adjustments for this. However if you do like to adjust the saving / loading, you’ll find all code at the “es_localstorage” event sheet.


The game includes an enhanced player selection. This allows the player to unlock diffrent players for the game. Also he / she can chose an active player which appears in the game.

All data will be saved at the LocalStorage of the device. All relevant code can be found in the “es_playerselection” event sheet.


All available players are described in the players.json file which is included in the Construct 2 project file (see Files => Players). This file will be automatically exported when the game gets exported. This file inclodes the name, the price and the initial lock state of each character.

The game reads in this file on the very first start (when the LocalStorage is emtpy). Otherwise the last saved value from the LocalStorage will be fetched instead.

Dialog System

The game has its own dialog system replacing the default device dialog window. It is designed to match the style of the game, so it looks more professional. The dialog system is fully localised and all code can be found in the “es_dialog” event sheet.

The dialog system works with so called “language keys”. Those keys are defined in the “languages.json” file. A key always starts with the country code, for Germany for instance, it’s “de” followed by an underline and the acutal key.

[json]”de_exit_message”: “Sie sind dabei das Spiel zu beenden. Fortfahren?”,
“en_exit_message”: “You’re about to close the game.Proceed?”


While the country code changes, the key must be the same!


The game is using free sounds licensed under CC BY 3.0. You find the attribution below.

Theme song

by Mrthenoronha
License: Attribution 3.0 Unported (CC BY 3.0)
Fore more information see the link below.

Updated on May 2, 2018

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