I’m glad that you made it here! My name is Andreas and I started Game Developing in 2013 using Scirra’s Construct 2 (which is awesome btw). Since that day I’ve spent a lot of hours with study, trying, fixing and so on. In order to help newbies (like I was back then) to start Game Developing using Construct 2, I decided to make this knowledgebase.

All is free here!

All content and all downloadable files are completely free and for learning purposes. Why I’m doing this? Well I love Game Developing and I want to share my knowledge with all people sharing the same hobby then me. However the files are licensed. So please see the license page.


Game Developing got me a lot of new friends all over the world. This might be the best part of Game Developing and working with Scirra’s and Ludei’s awesome community. If you want to get in touch, do not hesitate and drop me a mail over here!



I had an awesome experience working with Ludei. All people I’ve met so far (sadly not in person) are professionals on their area and so kind! They are working hard to provide us an awesome and fast wrapper for our mobile games.

So if you want to compile your games on Android and iOS, Ludei’s cocoon should be your first choice! Learn more here.

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At the moment we have no official partners. Just write as an email if you want to become one (then you’ll see your shiny logo here :P)