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Here I’ll explain the Dashboard of Ludei’s Cloud Compiler CocoonIO.

Please note...

This guide is optimized for Construct 2 Game Developers.

Create a new Project

The easiest way to creat a new project is, to export your game via Cordova in Construct 2 and zip the output. Then drag & drop this zip file here.

For a detailed guide, please see here.

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Services (New!)

With this new (awesome) feature you can configure and install Services directly to your game.

Available Services

Up to now following services are available for your Cocoon Project.

  • InApp Purchase
  • Ads
  • Social
  • Notifications
  • Multiplayer

There is also an Analytics Service planned, we will see what ludei will add there then.

Just to let you know...

You still can install those services in the Plugin section. Actually the new service area is just an easier & better way to install your Cocoon Plugins.

InApp Purchases

Here you are able to activate InApp Purchases for your project. Depending on what platform you want to use, you can toggle the service on or off.


Don't forget...

If you want to use InApp Purchases you need to install the CocoonInApps plugin for Construct 2. Find out more here.


If you want to show Ads in your game project, you have to toggle the Ads service for the corresponding platform on.


Depending on what SDK you want to use, you can either turn

  • AdMob,
  • MoPub,
  • Chartboost or
  • HeyZap


Just to let you know...

But note, that you only can use one SDK! Due to the fact that the CocoonAds Construct 2 Plugin only allows you to add one ID.

Don't forget...

If you want to use Ads in your project you need to install the CocoonAds plugin for Construct 2. Find out more here.


Here you can enable social services like the Google Play Games (Android) or GameCenter (iOS) service.


There are following social services available.

  • Facebook (Android & iOS)
  • Game Center (iOS)
  • Google Play Games (Android)


Here you do not need to add any ID’s. If you don’t know how to setup a GameCenter Leaderboard, please follow this guide.

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Google Play Games

Please note...

If you want to use Google Play Games on Android, you have to add an ‘App ID‘. You will find a guide showing you how to get this ID here.


If you want to use Facebook as Leaderboard for your game, you need to create a Facebook App in your Facebook Developer Account. Then enter the needed details here.


You find a detail guide here

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If you want to use Local or/and Parse Push Notifiactions, you need to install the corresponding notification service.


Just to let you know...

There is no offical Construct 2 plugin for Local or Parse Push Notifications. If you want to use those features you can use the Cordova Plugins provided by Cranberrygame.



Just to let you know...

The Multiplayer Service is not available in the CocoonGooglePlayGames or CocoonGameCenter plugin yet. So if you use Construct 2, you cannot use this feature at the moment.


Here you can configure your project.


Those settings apply to both, the android and the iOS version.


Here you need to set your

  • Bundle ID,
  • Version,
  • Name,
  • Orientation
  • Fullscreen
  • Content URL (use default)
Just to let you know...

The Bundle ID is an unique identifier for Google Play and iTunes. Once you have uploaded an app / game with your chosen Bundle ID nobody can upload an app / game with this Bundle ID anymore. Moreover all updates for this app / game must have exactly the same Bundle ID, but a higher Version Code (can be set at the Android Tab). However the Name and Version can be set to any value (aslong no forbidden signs are used)


Here you can set all Android specific settings, like the Version Code.


Please note...

Every update you want to upload to Google Play must have a higher version code than the last uploaded apk file. Otherwise your upload will be rejected.

Moreover you can overwrite global settings (the one, set in the Default tab). Those settings will then only apply to the Android build.


Here you can set all iOS specific settings, like the CF Bundle Version (same like the Version Code on Android).


Same applies here as on the Android specific settings.


Updated on June 22, 2016
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