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    1. Hi,

      Just see the screenshot above in the guide. You can download the json file with your ID’s out of your Firebase project.


        1. Just go to firebase and select your project. Then click on settings, there you’ll find the file 🙂


          1. i see in my project
            -login & auth

            but no settings

  1. Just to add something that took me a while to figure out…the auth domain ends in *firebaseapp.com…if you see local host under OAuth redirect domains (Auth Tab) it’s the address below. Thanks for this tutorial.

  2. Hello I’m new to firebase concept and I do no that How to use the firebase in construct 2? I am working on cricket project in construct 2 tell me that how can I make it as multiplayer one using firebase

    1. Hi,
      I haven’t made a game using Firebase for multiplayer, so I can’t tell you how to do it. It’s better if you ask that question in the scirra forum.


  3. Thanks, that’s incredibly helpful.

    I want to send variables (questionnaire answers) to the Firebase database. Any suggestion what the best way it to do so?

  4. I’m getting an error of: “TypeError: Cannot read property ‘name’ of null(…)”

    Claims there is an issue with Line 49 Col 27 of the runtime.js and cannot read “database”.

    It might be a problem to bring to RexRainbow, but thought I’d try here first. I’ve played around with the account information entries and nothing seem to change the error, only deleting the V3 plugin works.

    1. Okay, I ended up uninstalling all the Firebase plugins and then shutting down C2. Restarted C2 and added the V3 API plugin, no problem.

      Of course then I added the Auth plugin and got an error but I think I know what is wrong there.

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