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You can download our Android Demo Application to see how the result will look like.

Cocoon Chartboost

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If you don’t know how chartboost works, please visit our guide here.

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Install the Plugin in Cocoon

For this steps sign in to your dashboard and select your project where you want to show Chartboost ads.

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Just to let you know...

Since there is no offical Construct 2 plugin for Chartboost this guide will use the Cordova Chartboost plugin by Cranberrygame. However you can show chartboost ads with the CocoonAds plugin. But then you cannot show AdMob Ads anymore. So I personally recommend you to use the Cordova Chartboost Plugin by Cranberrygame.

Visit your plugin section for your project and install following “Custom” plugin provided by cranberrygame.




Then click on install.


If you don’t know how to setup your campaigns in Chartboost, please visit our guide here.

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Cordova Chartboost Plugin

Construct 2 – Implement the function into C2

The easiest way to do that is to use the Cordova Chartboost plugin by cranberrygame. If you don’t own it, you can get it on Scirra. Just see “Cordova Plugin Package” above.

Install the Plugin

Just drag and drop the plugin into Construct 2.


Don’t forget to restart Construct 2! If you have restarted Construct 2 you should be able to import the plugin to your project. Select then the plugin in the Project bar and add all needed information to it. Then, you can finally start coding your ads function.

CocoonAds Plugin

You also can use the CocoonAds Plugin to show Charboost ads. In order to do so, just add this plugin to your Construct 2 project and add your App ID’s there.

Code Example

If the plugin installation was successfully you can download and open our code example for Construct 2 (for personal use only).

Updated on May 6, 2018

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  1. Hi. Is there a free chartboost plugin for Construct 2 at the moment? I dont have cash and the cordova plugins by cranberry at the scirra store currently has no support. He doesn’t reply to customer messages and questions if the plugins aren’t working or if there are bugs.

    1. Hi,
      as far as I know is the one from cranberrygame the only chartboost plugin. There are some plugins including more ad networks, however those are not free.


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