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Jump and Run Platformer

Live Demo

See the game in action!

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[creativ_alertbox icon=”info-sign” colour=”blue” custom_colour=””]Note: The Ads & Store functions are only working in the android version![/creativ_alertbox]

Graphic Asset

All used graphics are included in the package. You can browse Graphicriver to find more game graphics.

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Update to 5.0.8

  • Added levelnumbers to the levelselection screen
  • Added amount of coins, stars and points collected in a level (level end message)
  • Moved localstorage functions from “es_global” to “es_localstorage”
  • Prefix added for local storage keys

Update to 5.0.3

  • Replaced WebStorage with LocalStorage (on first start the current progress will be transmitted to
    the LocalStorage (no progress loss)
  • Revamped player chooser and player animation. Now only one object (player_animations) needs to be
    pinned to the player. The diffrent player animation are included in this sprite.
  • Layers like GUI, Pause and so on are global now, just edit them in the 1 level (level_1). The changes
    will apply to all other levels automatically.
  • Some smaller bug fixes and improvements.
  • All used plugins were added.

Update to 5.0.4

  • Fixed missing sounds issue

Update to 5.0.5

  • Replaced outdated Phonegap plugins with the new Cordova Plugins (please install those plugins first)
  • Updated to work with Intel XDK 3308
  • Docs updated showing you how to build with Intel XDK 3308
  • Issue: Blue player was missing, even if selected the green one came up

Update to 5.0.6

  • Fixed issue: Banner Ads have not been shown
  • Added: Fullscreen Ad on level end