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Privacy Policy for Apps & Mobile Games

Privacy Policy

You should (or better you must) provide a Privacy Policy for your mobile Games and Apps as well as for your website. If you do not add a Privacy Policy you are running danger to get sued by a lawyer. And this is a way more expensive than to setup your Privacy Policy.


I use Iubenda [Affiliate Link] to generate my Privacy Policy. You can save 10% if you use the affiliate link.

Iubenda is optimized for games and let you generate your Privacy Policy with just a few clicks.


  • Fast and easy to create
  • Available in almost each language
  • Optimized for games and apps


You can see our Privacy Policy, for example of our Game Match3 – 2048, here.


[creativ_button url=”http://iubenda.refr.cc/CXKRKK2″ icon=”heart” label=”Generate your Privacy Policy (Affiliate Link)” colour=”red” colour_custom=”” size=”large” edge=”rounded” target=”_blank”]

Using the affiliate link above will give you a 10% discount on your purchase.

Updated on May 6, 2018
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