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Intel XDK

Please note that Intel XDK has been deprecated! See the statement of Intel below,


Intel® XDK has been discontinued. Below are alternative resources for building mobile HTML5 applications with Apache Cordova* software. Intel offers a portfolio of tools to help IoT developers go from rapid prototyping to production. Try Arduino Create* for a streamlined prototyping experience and Intel® System Studio for an all-in-one development tool suite.

Read the full statement here.


Create the Icons

First of all you need to create your icons (png file). You’ll need following types.

  • LDPI – 36×36 px
  • MDPI – 48×48 px
  • HDPI – 72×72 px
  • XHDPI – 96×96 px

Insert Icons

Open XDK and choose your project.


  • (1) – Choose your project via the drop down menu
  • (2) – Click on the ‘Develop’ tab
  • (3) – Perform a right-click on the ‘www’ folder
  • (4) – Choose ‘Show in Explorer’


  • (5) – Open the ‘www’ folder and insert your icon files (name it like you want)


  • (6) – Go back to the Intel XDK project overview and select your app again
  • (7) – Scroll down till ‘Launch Icons and Splash Screens’ and select ‘ Android-Crosswalk.
  • (8) – Select your orientation
  • (9) – Load your icons from the folder at step 5 
  • (10) – Compile your game

Now the icons will appear at your device 🙂

Updated on May 6, 2018
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