How to install a Plugin in Construct 2

Install a Plugin in Construct 2

Basically there are two ways to do that.


Via .c2addon File

If your plugin is a .c2addon file, you just can drag and drop it to Construct 2. Then following message will appear.




If your plugin is a zipped file including some .js files, you have to install it manually.

  1. Go to your Construct 2 Installation Path
  2. Go to /exporters/html5/plugins
  3. Create a new folder named after the plugin
  4. Copy and paste the plugin content (no sub-directories!) into to created folder
  5. Restart Construct 2

Cordova Plugins

Cranberrygame offers a big package of useful cordova plugins for your mobile game. Get them here.


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Updated on May 6, 2018

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