Free Construct 2 examples for Cocoon


Cocoon Example Templates

This site provides free Construct 2 example projects for Ludei’s wrapper “cocoon”. Make sure that you have installed the latest Cocoon Plugins.

If not, you can download them here for free (github, maintained by Ludei)


Cocoon Construct 2 Plugins 8 MB 4015 downloads

Download the Cocoon Plugins for Construct 2 now! The download link fetches the latest...

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Construct Examples


C2 Inapp Example 173.06 KB 290 downloads

Download our free template Construct 2 InApp. This template shows you the usage of...

InApp template for Construct 2 0.2 MB 193 downloads

Construct 2 Download our free capx example to learn how to use InApp features in...

If you want to use any code of this files in a commercial project, contact me first! The files are only for study purposes (Personal Use) only, but you can buy a inexpensice license for commercial use here.

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Browse our wiki to find the accurate tutorial for you.

  Browse our Wiki



The troubleshooting page contains know issues and a fix suggestion.

  Troubleshooting & known bugs

If you face some unlisted issue, please let us know here.

  Scirra or    CocoonIO

Updated on May 6, 2018

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