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It’s possible to add AdMob or mopub Ad-ID’s to your construct 2 project. Depending on what ID you have added you need to install the corresponding plugin at the cloud compiler.

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Select your project and click on the “Plugins” tab. Then choose “Cocoon” and click install on the needed plugin.


Please note...

The plugins may conflict, so if you install the Mopub SDK, remove the AdMob SDK. You will be still able to use the AdMob Ads if you have added the ID’s at your mopub dashboard.

It’s the same if you install the native AdMob SDK. If so, remove the mopub SDK (plugin) from your project.

Add your ID’s

Include the CocoonAds plugin by ludei and insert your ID’s.


You can use our mopub ID’s for testing:

[cpp]Banner(320×50) = 9a7556d386854d8287809b96cac0fef5
Fullscreen = 232bdc540fb247e08038e2b5f1a5eb21

Download example

I also worked out a code example with Construct 2 for android. You can download it from my Dropbox.

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How to use the example code

  1. Download the Developer App “mopub_test_ads….apk” and install it on your Android Device (note, remove all other Developer Apps if the installation fails)
  2. Download the “TestCase_…zip” file, load it on your Android device and open it with the Developer App
  3. Try it! (The included ID’s are working, so if you replace them with yours and the code isn’t working, then the issue comes from your setup at mopub/admob)
Updated on June 18, 2016
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