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Create InApp Products for your Android App

InApp Products

InApp products are digital products which can be purchased by a player. Basically an inapp product can only be purchased once. However you can consume a purchase, so it can be purchased again. This is usefull for items like coin packages.

Just to be sure...

You must have uploaded an apk with billing permission before you can perform following steps! Just included the InApp Plugin for Construct 2 and build an apk file then.

Consumables and non-consumables

In Google Play you can only create non-consumable products (called “managed” products). Like mentioned above, those products can only be purchased once. However this isn’t applicable on items like gem packages or something similar.

To handle this, you need to consume the product after it had been purchased. This must happen in your code / project.

Google Play Developer Console

Please visit your Google Play Developer Console and login.

  Google Play Developer Console

Then choose your game and click on ‘In-App Products’.


Then click on ‘+ Add new Product‘.


Choose ‘Managed Product’ and enter your ‘Product-ID’. This ID you have to add to the construct 2 projet later.


Give your item a title, a description & adjust the price for it. Then finally set it as ‘Active’.

Updated on May 6, 2017

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