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Android APK Signing Tool (APK Signer)


In order to upload your compiled Android file (apk) you need to sign and algin it. There are several ways to do that, but the easiest is to use the tool APK Signer from Hai Bison.


  • JDK 1.6+
  • JRE 1.6+
  • ADT (including zipalgin file)

You can download the needed Java JDK’s and JRE here.

Just to let you know...

It’s recommended to create the keystore file wiht JDK6 (1.6). If you face any installation issues, try to use JDK6.


Java JDK 8 200.00 MB 21678 downloads

The Java Development Kit contains useful tools, like the "keytool" to create your...

Java JRE 8 75.00 MB 15081 downloads

The Java Runtime is needed to run any Java Applications on your local machine. ...

Download APK Signer


APK-Signer 0.8 MB 140914 downloads

The APK Signer was developed by Hai Bison. The tool helps you to create your keystore...

A completely new version of the APK Signer Tool is coming soon! Please check this link for more information!

Unzip the archiv and run the java file.

APK Signer

Create a keystore file

The tool makes it very easy to create your keystore file. This file can be used for all your games. There is no need to create a new one for each app/game.

Just to let you know...

Note: Save the information used to create the file! Especially the alias and the two passwords! Also save the keystore file and make backups of it!


  • (1) – Locate your Java JDK 1.6 installation path (Java/bin/…)
  • (2) – Update the information for the keystore file (save your password, you’ll need it every time you want to sign your app!)
  • (3) – Click ‘Save as …’ and save the path you want to create the keystore file


  • (4) – Click ‘Generate Keyfile’

If you have added all information and the generation was successfully you will get this notification.


Sign your App

Here you find a simple video showing the steps below.

Switch to the ‘Signer’ tab and make sure the path to your JDK 1.6 installation is set.


  • (1) – Load your keyfile and enter your two passwords (Hint: if you enter the ‘Password’ press the tabulator key. If you password was right the Alias will be set automatically)


  • (2) – Load your app you want to sign (make sure that you have unchecked ‘Sign’ at Intel XDK, otherwise the apk is debug-signed already)


Press ‘sign’ to sign your app. You will get a file named ‘…SINGED_UNALIGNED.apk’

Align your app

Now go to the ‘APK Alignment’ tab and load the apk you got after the signing.


  • (1) – Load your signed app file


Press ‘align’ and you will get a file named ‘…SIGNED_ALIGNED.apk’. This file is ready to be uploaded to the Google Play Store.

Issues & Troubleshooting

APK Signer doesn’t start

If you are facing the issue, that the APK Signer tool freezes at startup (only the logo is shown), please go to following steps.

  • Remove all newer Java RE’s and JDK’s than 8
  • Maybe restart your computer
  • Install Java RE & JDK8
  • Run again

You also find a video solution guide below.

File.IO Error

If you keep getting the error message that the tool cannot find the jarsigner.exe, please download the latest JDK here.

[wpfilebase tag=file id=66 tpl=button-css-blank /]

And specifiy the path at the APK Signer.

No Solution found?

Got any problem? Please visit our support forum.


Thank you!

Updated on April 21, 2018

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    1. Hi,
      You need to set the alias and password when creating the new keystore file. This can be anything. Basically the alias is your brand.


  1. When I try “APK Alignment” I get “Verification FAILED” error.
    1. Have you signed the apk first? I never have got this issue on my end. Can you tell the steps you did?


  2. Thank you so much for this tool Andy !
    No more awful command lines to remember 🙂



    1. Thank you 🙂 but’s actually not my tool. I just made a Tutorial for it. The author is mentioned above on the guide.


      1. Thanks Hai Bison for the tool and thanks you for the tutorial then : )
  3. Awesome! Finally a way to get rid of unwanted app updates.
  4. hi
    i am unable to sign my apk file
    when i click sign it gives the error “unable to open jar file”
  5. hi
    what error?
    Error while signing file. Details:
    jarsigner: unable to sign jar: java.util.ZipException: invalid intry compressed size (expected 3696 but got 3762 bytes)
      1. Hi Matt,

        have you tried to install the “debug” signed apk? Does this version work on your phone?


    1. i have same error then i realize my app has debug signed by android studio. deleting cert.rsa, cert.sf, manifest.mf files in the apk solved my problem. i hope it helps
  6. hi , when i try Create a keystore file i get an error ” java IOEXEPTION :error keytool filenotfoundexeption c:\program file\test.keystore (accés refusé)
    1. Hi,

      It seems that you have no access to the path. Try to run the tool as admin or try another path.


  7. Hi,

    After sign and align the built, we get the following error message, when we try to upload the apk file into the google play store:

    “Failed to run aapt dump badging:
    W/ResourceType(292349): Bad resource table: header size 0x2 or total size 0x104c is not on an integer boundary
    ERROR: dump failed because the resource table is invalid/corrupt.”

  8. when I click create keystore, it got error message java.lang 6
    please help, thanks
  9. Hi
    signed and aligned suceessfully .installed in the device also sucess . when open the app it says the app unfortunately stopped pls help
    1. Hi,
      This has basically nothing do to with the signing process. If your app crashes on startup, it might be an issue in your code / project.


  10. hi when i want sign my apk with my new keystore it shows me this error
    jarsigner : key associated with apk not a private key
  11. Hii I’m Deepak
    After sign and align the built, we get the following error message, when we try to upload the apk file into the google play store:

    Failed to run aapt dump badging:
    W/ResourceType(211608): Bad resource table: header size 0x116f or total size 0xa54087d2 is larger than data size 0xe1040
    ERROR: dump failed because the resource table is invalid/corrupt

  12. Please solition ????
    jarsigner error: java.lang.RuntimeException : Keystore load : keystore was tampered with , or Password was incorrect
    1. Hi,

      The error message says exactly what your issue is. You have entered an incorrect password for your keystore file.


  13. Hello i have a poblem , when i download the file i dont find the File jar i find alot of files like asstes and group and Meta-INF ! please i need a slove to my problem ! i have all the java files !
  14. I am having exactly the same problema tan Alex. Any help please?
  15. Hi,
    Can I used certificate which is store in HSM to sign my APK?
  16. Hello, I need help. I signed and aligned successfully, but when I verify i got an “VERIFICATION ERROR” also when I try it on phone, i got “PARSE ERROR, There is a problem parsing the package” Please help. Thankyou
  17. Hi, I try modify name package whatsapp for have 2 whatsapp.
    Now I have sign how you tell me and all ok but tell me in installing “app not installed”
    1. Hi,
      This is because the app was already signed. Then after your modification you signed it with a diffrent key. That’s why you cannot install it.


  18. HI eny idea IPA file (ios app) combile decombile???
  19. this tools, can’t sign apk with DSA key.
    please help, i want sign apk with DSA key.
    1. Hi,
      The original developer has stopped supporting this tool. So no
      changes will be made anymore.


  20. Hi,

    I am find a little difficulty in running the main file apk-signer-1.8.5.jar.

    Its logo appears but the file don’t run.

    I tried to copy screenshot but its not allowed.

    Any solution for the same.

  21. Hi,

    I Successfully created “org.adblockplus.android1.3_SIGNED_ALIGNED.apk ” file but i cant upload it in google play consol , it will give an error –

    You uploaded an APK with an invalid signature (learn more about signing). Error from apksigner: ERROR (Jar signer CERT.RSA): SHA-1 digest of META-INF/MANIFEST.MF section for res/drawable-mdpi/abs__ic_menu_moreoverflow_normal_holo_light.png does not match the digest specified in META-INF/CERT.SF. Expected: , actual: ERROR (Jar signer CERT.RSA): SHA-1 digest of META-INF/MANIFEST.MF section for res/drawable- …………..etc

    how can i solve this. . .

  22. Hello.
    I have an issue witch is the apksigner doesn’t open, i mean it shows a small black box and that’s it please help me.
  23. Genius, thank you! It’s made submitting apps to Play Store much easier.
  24. java.io.IOException: Cannot run program “jarsigner”: CreateProcess error=2, The system cannot find the file specified
    how to fix this error?

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