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The tool it self should be self-explaining, however here is a short documentation of the main features.


The tool allows you to save profiles for your printer(s). The profile saves following information.

  • Printer power consumption
  • Electricity price
  • Profit
  • Pieces
  • Currency

In order to create a new profile, follow the steps below

  1. Give it a name (for instance the printer)
  2. Set the power consumption of your printer
  3. Set your electricity price (in ct), wished profit, pieces and currency
  4. Click on “Save as profile” and done

Afterwards you can select your profile from the dropdown menu.


The material saving works the same as for the profiles. Following information will be saved for the material.

  • Name of the material
  • Price per unit
  • The amout
  • The unit

Click on save, to add the material to the list. Once added, you just need to select it for your printing job and the corresponding information will be loaded.

Additional work steps

You also can add tasks or additional work steps to the price calculation. To do so, just enter a name, the price per hour and the time you need to do it.

You also can save tasks if you need them more than once. Just enter the name and the price per hour and click the “Save” button.

In order to add it to the calculation, just enter the duration and click “Add”.

About additional work steps

The price for your additional work steps will be added after calculating the printing costs (energy and material) but befor applying the profit!


If you have added all neded information, you can click the “Calculate” button and it will give you a recommended price for your job.

The tool gives you a small overview of the price parts, like the engergy costs, the material costs and the pure profit. If you figure out some calculating issues, please open a topic in the support forum.

Support & Bug fixes

The tool is still a beta, so if you figure something out, just let me know. You’ll find a link below. Also if you have any suggestions or want to request a feature, don’t hesitate and let me know in the forum.

[creativ_button url=”https://shatter-box.com/forums/forum/98-3d-print-cost-calculator/” icon=”wrench” label=”Support” colour=”red” colour_custom=”” size=”medium” edge=”straight” target=”_blank”]

Known bugs

  • The change of the language is not “on the fly”. You must currently restart the tool afterwards.
  • The shown amount of material in the “Recommended Price” box is not updating like it should. This doesn’t affect the price calculation, it’s just a display issue.


0.0.1-beta – 2018-08-11

  • First release of the beta version for global testing

0.0.3-beta (upcoming)

  • Fixed labels cut off for english translation
  • Updated confusing headlines
  • Updated list of supported currencies (if one is missing, just let me know)


The tool is available for free. You can download it below.

Download the new Print Cost Calculator 2.0 here.

Updated on January 3, 2021
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    1. Hi,
      there is a new version in development. This version will support resin printers as well.


  1. Just installed this calculator and every time I click to save a material or to calculate cost it crashes. Windows 10

    1. Hi, thanks for letting me know.
      Can you send me your “settings.xml” file per email on contact@shatter-box.com?
      This guide will show you where the settings are stored on your computer.

      I’m currently working on the next update, I’ll fix this bug with the upcoming version as well.

      Does the stable version work for you?

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