Cocoon – Supported C2 objects & plugins

What’s supported and what’s not

Due to the fact that Canvas+ isn’t a complete browser, it has some restrictions. This doesn’t apply to the WebView(+) engine!

Supported features

  • Canvas
  • WebGL
  • Audio
  • Websockets
  • XHR
  • Localstorage (with no limit)
  • Extend it using Plugins for Cordova
  • Cocoon plugins

Unsupported features

  • CSS and DOM UI elements
  • WebAudio
  • DOMParser class
  • WebRTC
  • WebWorkers

For more information please see the cocoon Wiki over here

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Construct 2 objects & plugins

But what does this mean for construct games? Some objects and plugins are using unsupported features and this could lead to a black screen / crash.


Data & Storage

  • Array
  • Dictionary
  • LocalStorage (no limits)
  • WebStorage (deprecated)


  • 9-patch
  • Function
  • Particles
  • Shadow Light
  • Sprite
  • SpriteFont
  • Text (works, but use SpriteFont instead)
  • Tiled Background
  • Tilemap


  • Gamepad
  • Keyboard (works, but useless)
  • Mouse (works, but useless)
  • Touch


  • Audio
  • Geolocation


  • AdMob (offical Scirra plugin, you must install the “Cordova AdMob” in your Cocoon project then)
  • iAd(offical Scirra plugin, you must install the “Cordova iAd” in your Cocoon project then)


  • AJAX (but note, XML is not supported!)
  • Browser (with restrictions)
  • WebSocket

Not supported

Data & Storage

  • XML

Form Controls

  • Buttons
  • File chooser
  • List
  • Progress bar
  • Slider Bar
  • TextBox


  • User Media (untested, let me know!)
  • Video (untested, let me know!)


  • IAP (offical Scirra plugin)
  • PubCenter (untested, let me know!)

Platform specific

  • Google Play (offical Scirra plugin)    | use the Cocoon GooglePlayGame plugin instead
  • GameCenter (offical Scirra plugin)   | use the Cocoon GameCenter plugin instead
  • Rest should be clear…


  • Multiplayer (due to the lack of WebRTC support)
Updated on July 20, 2016
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