• Putty

    Putty is a free to use tool allowing you to connect via COM, SSH, Telnet and so on.

  • Android Studio

    About Android Studio Android Studio is the IDE from Google to make your own Android App natively. It also comes with many useful tools like the apksigner. You can download the IDE for free from Google. Just click the download button and you will be redirected to the download page.

  • WDK 10 (via Microsoft)

    Download the Windows Developer Kit provided by Microsoft. This kit is needed if you want to use our Windows Signing Tool. The download is provided by Microsoft and the download button will lead you to the original download page. There you can download the kit. This ensures that you always…

  • APK-Signer

    The APK Signer was developed by Hai Bison. The tool helps you to create your keystore file and sign & align your Android project (APK).