• Corsairs Escape (Demo APK)

    Download our demo application for the Game Template Corsairs Escape, available on Scirra and Codecanyon.   Featuers Built in HD AdMob Ads & Remove Ads function (InApp) Built with Cocoon & Construct 2 Multi-Language support

  • Cocoon – Developer Template

    Download our free template Cocoon Developer Template. This template includes a lot code example for the usage of the Cocoon plugins. If you want to support us, you also can purchase this item for a little price at Scirra. Cocoon Developer Template (Scirra) Features This template includes examples for following…

  • Cordova Game

    Download our demo application for the CordovaGame functions. The application was created with Intel XDK and uses the CordovaGame plugin made by Cranberrygame.

  • Superpowers Assets Various 2D

    MedicineStorm is offering a beautiful package of pixel art assets! It’s worth checking out! Package includes: Medieval Fantasy Western FPS 2D Ninja Adventure Prehistoric Platformer RPG Battle System Top Down Shooter Space Shooter The download button will lead you to the original download page. There you can download the asset package…