We have changed our download method. You will now find all downloads here. They are all available for free, but please check the corresponding license for the files.

Cocoon – Code Examples

Cocoon - Chartboost AdsAndreas1.0.0Personal Use  Android  Docs  Download (412 clicks)
Cocoon - Exit Message (CordovaDialog)Andreas Reitberger1.0.0Personal Use  Android  Docs  Download (347 clicks)
Cocoon - GooglePlayGames (Cordova Game)Andreas1.0.7-beta (arm7)Personal Use  Android  Docs  Download (769 clicks)
Cocoon - InApp (Construct2)Andreas Reitberger2.0.0Personal Use  Android  Docs  Download (261 clicks)
Cocoon - On Exit MessageAndreas Reitberger1.0.0Personal Use  Android  Docs  Download (535 clicks)
Cocoon - Social (for Facebook)Andreas Reitberger1.0.1Personal Use  Android  Docs  Download (371 clicks)
Cocoon Construct 2 PluginsLudeiLatestFree  Android  Docs  Download (2285 clicks)
CocoonCanvas - OpenURL (capx)Andreas Reitberger1.0.0Personal Use  Android  Docs  Download (217 clicks)
Cordova - GoogleAnalyticsAndreas Reitberger1.0Personal Use  Android  Docs  Download (135 clicks)
Cordova - InApp (capx)Andreas Reitberger1.0.2Personal Use  Android  Docs  Download (316 clicks)
LocalisationAndreas Reitberger1.0Personal Use  Android  Docs  Download (174 clicks)

Cranberrygame Plugin Package

Please get all used Cordova Plugins here.


    1. Hi,

      Yes mostly of the examples are working for both platforms, android and ios.


  1. When I try to open CocoonGooglePlayGames_CordovaGame.capx, I get the following error:

    The project you are opening uses addons that are not installed:
    Plugin ‘Cordova Game’ by cranberrygame

    Where can I find this plugin?

      1. I bought these plugins but which plugins do I have to install on Cocoon.IO side for Google Play Games Services (Leaderboards and Achievements) to work? I use Cranberry Cordova Game in my C2 game.
      2. I also get this weird error in my game: SIGN_IN_REQUIRED(4). How can I fix this? My game is live on GooglePlay, I have added APP_ID parameter…I did everything but I still get this error.

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