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CocoonIAP Issue

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In order to get the is product purchase condition right, you must use it after the Restore products completed event.


On product restore completed

—> product {id} is purchased

——> your actions

can you try this?



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you propably overwrite the text. Only keep te last one (On restore purchases completed). Remove it on the other positions in your code and try again. Let me know if it worked for you. If not, provide a screenshot of your code where you purchase the remove ads item.

just modifed your example file. Please try it.

TestIAP - Cocoon.capx

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On 6/10/2018 at 8:26 PM, OhhBaby! said:

This time it is not detect purchased and it is not moving blue box when I purchase or restore.


Then it seems to be a bug in the plugin. Please post it to the cocoon forum. Hopefully some of the Devs will fixe it...


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You're welcome. I wish I can do more, but it's not in my hands... Hopefully Ludei will fix this, but my personal opinion is, that the will not. There are no helpful replies since months...

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