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Admob does not work with Cocoon.io export?

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I am facing a huge problem today and spent my all time,

Engine: Construct 2
Plugin: AdMob for Cordova to Cocoon.io
Device: Android

-Installed the plugins fom github (admob cocoon plugins)
-Created Admob Account
-Copied my Banner and Int. Keys
-Pasted to Construct 2
-Wrote the codes on button clicked
-Export without minifying, zipped and upload to cocoon.io
-Added Admob Native Plugin on cocoon.io and compiled

After all of these, I got my Apk file and ran on my Android Device, there was no problem or error on app, but Ads did not shown. 
Where did I mistake?

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Hi @Andreas

I heard that if I do not have a payment method for Admob account, Google won't start showing ads until they validate my bank account.

So I am going to use test ads with my Project, and if it will work, I'll pay for Admob, thanks for your reply!

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Hi @Andreas

Here my steps after 2 hours;

1- Admob's Test ID's worked fine, there is no problem on my codes or pluigns etc.! Thanks for advice.

2- I activated my payment acoount but Google says me there is earning limit to reach verification threshold, until I reach that, it does not give me permission to set up my bank information.

What should I do now? Should I wait a day after activate? Did you wait at the day when you activated AdMob payment? 

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Hi @Craftnoob

I started using admob in 2012. There it was diffrent than nowadays. So I'm not sure how the verfication works. However if admob tells you that you need a certain amount of earnings to activate your bank account, I guess the ads should work fine even without any payment details.

You are right, if the test ID's are working fine, your game code and setup at cocoon is fine. So it only can be your ID's. What I know is that it might take 24h after you had created the ID's till they are working.



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