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Error black screen

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I'm desperate, it seems that Cocoon has updated the version and my games are giving everyone a black screen after the splash screen, it's not a code problem because everyone was catching it first. I have already tested in more than 5 games and they are all giving black screen since yesterday. Please help me. I'm desperate.


When I install the crosswalk it opens with black screen after the splash screen.
This problem is giving in all apps. I already tested it in more than 5.
The problem started yesterday.


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15 hours ago, PAS GamesAndroid said:

I compiled the game in Cocoon 2.0 and it worked.



this errors comes if you select "WebView" as engine. This engine is using the webview engine on your device. If it isn't up to date or if it isn't installed, you will get this message. If you want to use WebView, then use WebView+. This will pack the crosswalk engine into your game. However this will increase your application size, but you will not run into such issues.

2.0.0 is using an older engine it seems, that's why it works.



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7 hours ago, PAS GamesAndroid said:

The error happens with canvas +
This error is occurring using canvas +.

That's strange. I just build a game using canvas+ and 2.1.0 and it works fine on my android tablet. What Android version do you use? I think I have the latest crosswalk engine installed, so I guess this is the reason why I didn't get this message,

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I get the message on several android phones. I tested on 3 different cell phones.
1 of them gave the message, after updating the crosswalk = black screen
The other 2 gave black screen without message

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I just downloaded your game on my tablet and it's working fine on my end. That's strange. However if v2.0.0 is working for you, I'll recommend you to use this build version. Can you compile a developer app from your project with 2.1.0? Does this work for you?

If so, run your code in it. Then you can access the error log and you see why your game is crashing at all.

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