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Error uploade and compilation

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Hello everyone.
I'm developing my first game in construct 2, I'm very excited and happy because I'm starting my first game completely from scratch.

I have a problem, I created some basic functions and everything was ok, I sent the file to the site I wrote and I compiled it and everything works fine, right after I added some more functions, now I'm stopped in ludei because I get an error When I compile the game, I click to see the reason for the error and I can only see "null", so I have no idea where the error is, I looked at all the codes and everything is ok.

I always backup before big changes in the codes, so to my surprise, my old capx file that was all ok, complication ok too, it is simply generating the same error, now I can not even do the uploade of the zip file. Does the site have any problems? Because I'm already pulling all my hair out of my head and I can not find a solution.

I could try with intel xdk but I do not quite understand how to compile games through the Intel XDK.

If someone has already had the same problem, please give me some help.

Maybe it is difficult to get help, I have little information to show, but I do not have any other information about ludei, I do not have a specific error name. Maybe someone can look at my capx.


I'll be looking forward for an answer

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Hello, I have managed to solve my compilation problem. I'm using intel xdk, I looked at several tutorials and I learned, I did my apk, I created my key and everything works fine, however, I used webstorage in construct 2 to keep the highest score (record), but I noticed that Intel xdk not included in my apk, do i need some plugin to have webstorage on xdk?

I'm sorry for my english

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