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[Construct 2] How to build with CocoonIO

Did the tutorial work for you?  

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Please try this tutorial first, before you post your question in the forum.

Tutorial: How to build with CocoonIO (Construct2)


Please also see our videos on YouTube. Find all videos here.

Comment this post if you have suggestions or issues building your game. Otherwise open a new topic with your problem.

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Hello Andreas,

Sorry, I may have posted my previous CooconIO question on the wrong thread.  So I'm asking the same question again on this topic.  :)  On your CocoonIO tutorial, before I compile my project, should I put all the splash screens and icons first?   Unlike intel XDK, I don't see anywhere I can change my default icons.  The current icon on my project right now is the ones from Construct 2.  How do I change those default icons?  Thanks in advance.

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no problem ;) I added a new doc to the tutorial showing you how to add your own icons and splash screens.


And yes, you need to add the icon and the splash screen before you build the game.

I deleted your post in the wrong topic ;)



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Hello Andreas, i wanna asking about how to make fullscreen layout when exporting using Cocoon IO?

I've give a checklist to the Fullscreen button in Cocoon IO, also with my C2 project. But it become like this image :


How to make it fullscreen ya? i've trying to use Letterbox scale, scale outer,and letterbox integer scale.

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Hi :)

Sure. This issue can be caused by two things.

  1. An old version of construct 2 (if you are using an older version then the latest stable, please update and try again)
  2. Wrong scalling settings (for this, check the following guide)

Guide: https://shatter-box.com/knowledgebase/cocoonio-troubleshooting-fixes/ (Check "Fix Fullscreen Scaling")

I hope you don't mind that I used your image above ;) If so, I will remove it.




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Got it, thanks :D

No problem for that ;)

Good news ;)

Did the guied help you or have you faced a diffrent issue then listed in this guide? ;) If so I will update the guide and add your solution, too.


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Yes, thats work, btw, i have fix my latest issue, "Game screen is full, but not centered" in this issue, you must set all "Unbounded scrolling to yes" at the layout properties. You not must to change your projects width, my best screen resolution for potrait game is 720x1280.


*of course, if you want to use this image, you can use it :D



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