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  1. Hi @Andreas Here my steps after 2 hours; 1- Admob's Test ID's worked fine, there is no problem on my codes or pluigns etc.! Thanks for advice. 2- I activated my payment acoount but Google says me there is earning limit to reach verification threshold, until I reach that, it does not give me permission to set up my bank information. What should I do now? Should I wait a day after activate? Did you wait at the day when you activated AdMob payment?
  2. Hi @Andreas I heard that if I do not have a payment method for Admob account, Google won't start showing ads until they validate my bank account. So I am going to use test ads with my Project, and if it will work, I'll pay for Admob, thanks for your reply!
  3. I am facing a huge problem today and spent my all time, Engine: Construct 2 Plugin: AdMob for Cordova to Cocoon.io Device: Android -Installed the plugins fom github (admob cocoon plugins) -Created Admob Account -Copied my Banner and Int. Keys -Pasted to Construct 2 -Wrote the codes on button clicked -Export without minifying, zipped and upload to cocoon.io -Added Admob Native Plugin on cocoon.io and compiled After all of these, I got my Apk file and ran on my Android Device, there was no problem or error on app, but Ads did not shown. Where did I mistake?
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