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  1. I have already sent the capx to you hope you can find the problem Thanks
  2. Hello I have add code manuelly and ads id and all stuff but still don't see the ads And please another question when the update of the source will be availble
  3. Hello friend I got a problem i have followed the tutorial for change admob ids this tuto https://shatter-box.com/knowledgebase/admob-banner-fullscreen-ads/ i do everything but when i start the preview in browser i don't see the ads what is the problem please sir Thank you
  4. Ohh nice , thank you friend for the fast reply And please sir if i want to add every level different background ?
  5. Hello sir When im doing reskin for this game i got a problem in the Level1 im able to change Objetcs Position and boxes , but when i pass to the others level i cannot change anything, Also i want to change background for every level sir
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