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  1. Hi, Just letting you know I figured it out. I somehow thought I had the tax information all filled up for paid apps but I didn't. Now it seems I can purchase a product in the sandbox, and I hope all the features work from now on. Thanks!!
  2. Yes, I added the ids to the itunes version, I will try to provide a sample capx soon, I'm a little busy now. Same issue on ios 10, I tested with 9 previously.
  3. Hi, I bought this package: https://www.scirra.com/store/royalty-free-game-templates/game-template-3-admob-iap-543 For the life of me I cannot get it to work with ios. I set up the iap in itunes connect, the ids are correct in itunes connect and in app. I added the iaps to the unsubmitted app, and I'm using TestFlight to test the iaps. When the app starts it says it cannot fetch the products, after I click "Yes, I checked the internet connection", it tries to fetch the products again and this time it does so succesfully. The store is available, but when I try to purchase a product it just fails everytime, doesn't ask for an apple id or anything. In the developer app, in the console I get "invalid product id". I did I checked the ids, the in app purchases are enabled in cocoon. The restore purchases seems to work fine, it asks for an apple id, I sign in with the test account, and the purchases are "restored" succesfully, except there are none made yet. Another weird thing that I noticed is that even If I use bogus products ids, the products are still fetched succesfully(the second time of course, not when the app starts).
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