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  1. My app has been approved in apple store, but it does not play sound. He is mute. The sound is muted.
  2. I compiled the game in Cocoon 2.0 and it worked. VERSION COCOON 2.0 >>> WORKS VERSÃO COCOON 2.1 >>> BLACK SCULPT AFTER SPLASH SCREEN
  3. I'm desperate, it seems that Cocoon has updated the version and my games are giving everyone a black screen after the splash screen, it's not a code problem because everyone was catching it first. I have already tested in more than 5 games and they are all giving black screen since yesterday. Please help me. I'm desperate. When I install the crosswalk it opens with black screen after the splash screen. This is the app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tgamesmobile.pixelracing This problem is giving in all apps. I already tested it in more than 5. The problem started yesterday.
  4. My game appears on the watch for 1 coin screen when I click on displaying premium video chartboost, but it does not spin the video and hangs the game. Can anybody help me? Notes: -interstitials work normally. -Compilation made with cocoon.io and canvas +
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