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  1. Hi! I don't use chartboost plugin anymore.
  2. I tried without result. Don't worry.. I think his plugins no working anymore.
  3. Hey Andreas, how are you? Any news??? ; -)
  4. Ok thank you for your time Andreas! I hope to fix it! ; -)
  5. Do you try your own example? If yes, Can you share the file to test it on intel xdk too? Thanks again!
  6. Thank you for your reply @Andreas The example is not mine. I use cranberrygame's example with name "example_cordovachartboost_advanced_freecoins_requires id_sample app id.capx". You can find it inside pack of his plugins. But i think you can make your own version. Just to check what is the issue. I use intel xdk, so if you can try this way. Cheers..
  7. Hello there! I have an issue with chartboost plugin. I use his own example of free coins, i change the ids with mine in my chartboost account, i build with intel xdk, everything is fine but when i open on my mobile the app automatic close. Is there any tutorial with latest versions of intel, chartboost, etc Thanks! Best regards, Kyriakos
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