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  1. hi I have install the cordova-plugin-ad-chartboost, already create an account on chartboost, my objective is to have reward videos, but no success. Do i need to enter this api https://github.com/cranberrygame/cordova-plugin-ad-chartboost#api to some location in the extracted files from cordova, if yes where? One more question on chartboost pluing when say show reward video appears to add a location "defaut" is this important? Thanks ps: i whant do this in intel xdk- already import plugin in intel xdk
  2. Melson

    Cordova iap

    I have your template for iap and admob, I can buy a product and remove the ads, but if I reinstall the app I cannot restore the purchase and set variabel to 1 in ads_removed how can i call the restore variabel? I what to do this automatic not with a button restore
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