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  1. Hi, I create my Admob account 1 day ago, and created 2 ads (Banner and Interstitial). Then i put the ID that i got, and test it out on my Construct 2 projects using Cocoon.IO Developer App. The Interstitial is loaded and showing on the app. But the Banner won't show. I debug using On Loaded / On Failed -> Set Text to "Loaded / Failed" (When i test it out, the text is not set to either "Loaded or Failed". I tried to export it to a real APK, and now the Interstitial ads won't show either. Then i use the test banner and interstitial ID from this link [https://shatter-box.com/knowledgebase/admob-how-to-test-ads/](https://shatter-box.com/knowledgebase/admob-how-to-test-ads/) And when i test it out on either Developer App or Export to a real APK, the test banner and interstitial ads are showing. So what is wrong with my Admob banner and interstitial ID? Thanks
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