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  1. Your app doesn't have any in-app products yet. To add in-app products, you need to add the BILLING permission to your APK How can i enable the BILLING permission inside my apk?
  2. Hi andy, it worked now. There is a bug (i dont know what to call it) on version r240 of construct. What i did was to downgrade the version of construct. At first i started from 224. It didnt worked, the black screen still appears and then i change the version again to r230 and it worked But...... I am not happy with the performance. Everytime i touch anywhere on the game. It hangs/lags for 1 second plus when i click on the start button to go to the main game layout, it took for an about 10-15seconds If i cant fix the performance, ill surely transfer to BUILDBOX
  3. Help, i really hate the performance of my game using webview+
  4. I finally fixed it but only by using webview+ and im not happy with the performance of the game. It lags/hang 1second everytime i tap on the object from my game. Suggestions how to fix it or how to convert in canvas+ without black screen?
  5. albert cruz

    Black Screen

    Hello guys, i encounter this "Black Screen" after i compile my zip file to cocoon. Before i post this topic, i googled a lot and luckily ive seen some thread from cocoon forum that this problem have been fixed by: 1. Custom Loader 2. Box 2d web(Physics) 3. uncheck minify 4. Include c2 cocoon plugin to cocoon.io plugin I have tried everything but still i got a black screen. Currently using version 240 of construct2
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