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  1. Hello how are you? Any news?
  2. I can send you capx if you prefer.
  3. I have not yet created an apk, I'm trying on c2 and also on html5 in chrome. Which browser do you use?
  4. In another game I'm creating, I created a button to turn off the music and also the sound of the bladders, leaving only the animation of the bladders going up. The music is working perfectly, however when I click to stop the sound of the buttons, I still hear a "little crackling", I do not understand why the sound of the bladders does not completely disappear. Have you ever had this problem? You can look at the game here.
  5. Thank you, this works. I just noticed that in this way, I can not get the other sound until the previous one ends. But I am satisfied with this mode. I'm learning a lot here in the forum, before I was only able to edit games that I bought, now I'm starting to create my games.
  6. I did, though I do not know if this is the correct form. Each time I click the button, the previous sound for and the next one begins, so no sound overlaps the other.
  7. Hello, thank you for replying. This works perfectly. Thank you I just wanted to know how I make one sound not overlap the other. If I press the button several times, I'll have several ringing sounds. I have a sound of 3 seconds, if I then press again, I'll hear the other sound and a small piece of the previous sound. Is it possible for me to make the previous sound stop when I press the button again?
  8. SettReznov

    Random sound

    I'm developing a children's game, a mobile with several animal sounds and songs, however, I have a main button that should play several random sounds, every time I click this button, I need to play a different sound, but I tried to All forms, but I can not. Does anyone have any ideas? Edit: I just realized that I started this post in the wrong place. The correct would be for "support Construct2"
  9. Hello, great tutorial. I have a question, I already tried to compile my games in several resolutions, "Portrait" 480,854 and up to 720,1280 but whenever I go to execute my apk, I see a settling on the screen and then the game opens in normal size, I thought it might be the resolution of the game but I've tried it with others and I keep seeing the "tuned" screen before everything is ok. I already checked, with and without full screen, I already checked the margins .... Note. If I compile using Cocoon.io, I have the screen all ok, only the performance seems to be smaller. So I'm having this problem just compiling with xdk
  10. Hello, I have managed to solve my compilation problem. I'm using intel xdk, I looked at several tutorials and I learned, I did my apk, I created my key and everything works fine, however, I used webstorage in construct 2 to keep the highest score (record), but I noticed that Intel xdk not included in my apk, do i need some plugin to have webstorage on xdk? I'm sorry for my english
  11. Hello everyone. I'm developing my first game in construct 2, I'm very excited and happy because I'm starting my first game completely from scratch. I have a problem, I created some basic functions and everything was ok, I sent the file to the site I wrote and I compiled it and everything works fine, right after I added some more functions, now I'm stopped in ludei because I get an error When I compile the game, I click to see the reason for the error and I can only see "null", so I have no idea where the error is, I looked at all the codes and everything is ok. I always backup before big changes in the codes, so to my surprise, my old capx file that was all ok, complication ok too, it is simply generating the same error, now I can not even do the uploade of the zip file. Does the site have any problems? Because I'm already pulling all my hair out of my head and I can not find a solution. I could try with intel xdk but I do not quite understand how to compile games through the Intel XDK. If someone has already had the same problem, please give me some help. Maybe it is difficult to get help, I have little information to show, but I do not have any other information about ludei, I do not have a specific error name. Maybe someone can look at my capx. I'll be looking forward for an answer
  12. Hello @Andreas, I am very happy to hear that!
  13. Suggested games Hello, I'm not sure I'm in the right place for this post .. I would suggest a very cool game for C2, I've played a lot in the "telegram" app, it is called "Corsairs", follows a video below. It would be amazing to have this game for CS, I'll definitely buy. Corsairs Game
  14. Hello Andreas, how are you? Thank you for all your help, I can control the character perfectly now. It looks great. Again thank you for all your help and support.
  15. Hello, I need some help again, I am new to Construc2 and I wonder if it would be possible to add arrows or just increase the touch field to move the character? I'm a little difficulty in moving the character, maybe the whole side of the left and the whole right, just the middle of the screen will be inactive during the game. Thank you very much.
  16. I have evaluated your product the same day I bought it. I gave 5 stars, unfortunately is only possible 5 stars, I would give more
  17. Thank you for this great update. The game just got better. I am very satisfied.
  18. Hello Andreas, thank you for all your help, I looked at codecanyon and I have not seen the upgrade, but you should be doing the alterations in codecanyon yet. I look back a few hours. Just out of curiosity, you just fix a bug or added some functions? I'm very anxious for more enemies to the game.
  19. This is incredible. Do not worry because the delay, all your games are great and it takes time to develop great games. I appreciate all your work and again I want to say that support is great and in my opinion, you are the best developer in Codecanyon. Thank you again.
  20. Hello, thank you for me to answer, I'll be waiting for the update. I bought your game by codecanyon. Actually this is a great game.
  21. Hello, I managed to settle on anteciar enemies, but I am left with questions regarding the 'Every round (random (6.14)) seconds', you can point me in the picture below? I have identified the value (6.14), but I just wanted to be sure. Hello, thank you for me to answer, I managed to anticipate the enemy, I also changed the value for the enemies appear, but I only see a single enemy, that circle with thorns, I see no other enemies, spiders, bees and others. . Sorry for so many questions.
  22. Hello, I wonder how I can anticipate the appearance of enemies, I realized that it takes a while to show up any enemy on the stage. Game Jumper Jam Thank you!
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