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  1. Hello, The 3D Print Cost Calculator announces that a new version is available (, but when i try to download it, it only downloads version 0.1.0 beta, i can't find the correct link for the version :)
  2. Thanks! I can happily translate the tool into Norwegian if you want, just tell me how you want it done
  3. Perfect! My Language is Norwegian, so i guess its "no" or "no_NB"
  4. Hello, Is it possible to have the Margin and Failure-rate become persistent values? If i change the Margin to t.ex 50%, it goes back to 30% when i re-open the program. It would be better to have that as a fixed/saved value, or atleast have a tick-box to have that. (Same goes for failure-rate) The handling fee and tax rate is persistent. Also a possibility to add your own currency? I think that was present in v1 of the calculator. :)
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