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  1. okay i will try that and try and rebuild it! Thanks for the assistance !
  2. Hello , i want to export my game from the source code CandyLand to andoird. I have exported the construct 2 source to Cordova, but when i want to compile it in too android crosswalk with Intel XDK im getting a compile error with the phonegap plugin. Here is the config.additions.xml file : http://www.filedropper.com/intelxdkconfigadditions I have followed the tutorial on scirra.com for the building of the game, but im still getting an error. What can i do about it ? Thanks in advance! Barry
  3. Hey there, okay that would be great! Let me know when u have created something. Thanks in advance Barry I actually thought of something by myself but it only partially works. I only need to figure out when my "normal"platform spawns, they also contain springboards and spikes. When the moving and fading platform "destroy" a normal platform, it doesnt destroy the spikes or springboards on it.
  4. Hey Andreas, Thanks for your answers and help in advance. 1. I meant that more or less like : i build the game so it spawns normal and moving platforms. They do not spawn together at the same time. 2 +3. This also happens in the CandyLand source , as i have tested that also. Isnt it possble to implement a some code like this : - Whenever platform X spawns (X being a moving platform or a breakable platform) then do not spawn a normal one at the range of "xx" pixels. But not as much pixels that the low jumping guy can not reach the next platform. I have been looking at google if i could find something about it. is it possible that u can check into the Candyland Source to rework the spawning technique and then i can copy past it into my own game. Thanks in advance. Pretje
  5. Hello there, I have purchased the Candy Land source code and i rebuild it completly. Now i do have got a few questions about it. - When you generate the normal platforms, i am also spawning moving platforms and fading platforms - When the moving and fading platforms are created, sometimes they "overlap" the normal platforms on screen. They moving platforms do destroy the regular platforms though. - Is it possible to make them NOT destroy itself on screen, but outside of the screen ? Because it doesnt look so good if you are jumping around and u see two platforms and one platform destroys the other one. Thanks in advance. Pretje
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