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  1. Hi everyone at last i found a solution for this error. Here is a list of class file vs java version 

    49 = Java 5
    50 = Java 6
    51 = Java 7
    52 = Java 8
    53 = Java 9
    54 = Java 10
    55 = Java 11
    56 = Java 12
    57 = Java 13
    58 = Java 14

    as you can see 53 is for java 9 so you need to install java 9 in order to work with "APK Signer Tool (v2) 2.0.6 beta" also you need to set environment variable and path of java in your system settings. here is a download link of java 9 jdk.


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  2. Sir After Checking This File I Have Confirm That Attached APK Signing Tool Also Not Able to Auto Detect KeyAlias in My PC, My PC Has Windows 10 Version 1809, Java Version 1.8.0_191, Android Studio Version 181.5056338. I Am Going to Install Vmware Workstation and Lets Check if It Is Works on Different Windows Version and Give You A Replay After That. Also Please Reply Me Which Version of Java Is Recommended for APK Signing Tool.

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