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  1. I will make forum topic. Thanks for everything.
  2. Hi, This time it is not detect purchased and it is not moving blue box when I purchase or restore. https://streamable.com/ob0dg
  3. I used this still not detecting.
  4. Hi, CocoonIAP "is product purchased" not work correctly. It is not detecting. and sometimes "Purchased" text switching "not Purchased" I already have this problem with UltimateAds plugin. "is product purchased" not detecting when I finish purchase or restore. Video https://streamable.com/m13p5 Capx TestIAP - Cocoon.zip
  5. Hmm. But I read in manual page. It should work with cordova 🤔 https://www.scirra.com/manual/175/google-play
  6. Hi, Cocoon's Googleplay and Gamecenter plugins don't have some features. I want use Construct 2's official GooglePlayGames and GameCenter plugin. Firstly this link broken. I have some questions. 1.) if I use Construct's official plugins (GooglePlayGames and GameCenter ). -> Can I use Cocoon compiler? -> What I need add in cocoon? This? or This? 2.) Same question about Cordova Game plugin. -> Can I use Cocoon compiler? -> What I need ad in cocoon?
  7. is this same with Facebook Analytics? Voodoo want GameAnalytics and Facebook Analytics. I was ask someone about "why they want Facebook too". He reply this.
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