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  1. Hello @Andreas did you ever try to update Cocoon builded games with Phonegap builded? Idk why it got stuck, always failed to installs, but if I uninstalled the 'old one' it success. Before, I'm using Cocoon armv7 and x86. And moving to phonegap cordova.
  2. Before, I got stuck in update information, and I know it why, because need to fulfill all columns, could you just let the 'Envato' as optional maybe?
  3. Hi Andreas, I wanna asking about this admob interstitial, it always failed to load and there's nothing showed, just the banner had shown. Idk what the problem is, when i try to preview with my PC, everytime it load the interstitial, an alert will be show up.
  4. Yes, thats work, btw, i have fix my latest issue, "Game screen is full, but not centered" in this issue, you must set all "Unbounded scrolling to yes" at the layout properties. You not must to change your projects width, my best screen resolution for potrait game is 720x1280. *of course, if you want to use this image, you can use it :D
  5. Hello Andreas, i wanna asking about how to make fullscreen layout when exporting using Cocoon IO? I've give a checklist to the Fullscreen button in Cocoon IO, also with my C2 project. But it become like this image : How to make it fullscreen ya? i've trying to use Letterbox scale, scale outer,and letterbox integer scale.
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