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  1. Hello Andreas, Sorry, I may have posted my previous CooconIO question on the wrong thread. So I'm asking the same question again on this topic. On your CocoonIO tutorial, before I compile my project, should I put all the splash screens and icons first? Unlike intel XDK, I don't see anywhere I can change my default icons. The current icon on my project right now is the ones from Construct 2. How do I change those default icons? Thanks in advance.
  2. Thank you! I'll definitely look into cocoon.io. Any questions, I'll come back here and ask them... if you don't mind answering Thanks again for your reply.
  3. Hello, I'm just wondering if you have a tutorial on how to export from Intel XDK to iOS. Maybe I may have missed it on the the site. I've searched everywhere trying for one but most of the tutorials I find are either convoluted or are too old and not updated. I find your tutorials easy to understand and follow. Thanks again for this great site!
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