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  1. Hello Thiago, I'm great, thank you How are you? You're welcome, I'm always glad to help. Regards Andreas
  2. Hello Thanks for letting me know about that issue. I'll fixed that and sent you an example. Please let me know if it worked for you Regards Andreas
  3. Hello, great to see you here Can you please attach a screen shot of your 'Develop' Tab of your Intel XDK project? This would help a lot! Thanks & regards Andreas
  4. Thank you so much I really aprreciate it!
  5. I'm glad that you like the update Thank you very much! P.S. It would be awesome if you rate our item on codecanyon! Thank you so much
  6. The game must first be approved by envato. This can take awhile. You get notifed by mail when the files are online. Regards Andreas
  7. Hello @SettReznov I'm glad to inform you that I fixed the last bug. I just make some last tests with the final Android Version and then I'll upload the update to codecanyon and scirra! If you should face any issues then, let me know Regards Andreas
  8. Thank you very much I really appreciate it! I'll keep you posted about the update Regards Andreas
  9. I'm facing some issues, but the update is almost done Sorry for the delay. I hope I can fix it till friday! Regards
  10. You're welcome! Thank you very much I really appreciate it The update should be ready till the coming weekend
  11. Hello, yes it was the right one, so when the player reaches more than 35 points the spinner (enemy) will be spawned randomly every 6-14 seconds. The game only has the spinner as enemy so far. I'm working on a update at the moment. I consider to include the other enemies as well. As buyer you will be notifed by scirra or graphicriver when the update is ready
  12. Hello @SettReznov Thanks for your topic. In Jumper Jam the enemy will be created randomly when the player has reached more than 300 points. If you want to let the enemy great earlier then follow this steps. Open event sheet 'es_game'Scroll down till Game - Platforms - Open this group if closedSearch for the condition saying 'If points ar equal or higher than 300' and change the value 300 to fit your needs. If you want to change the period how often an enemy will be created (when the player has reached the set value of points) then you must change following line. 'Every round(random(6,14)) seconds' This is the time frame between each spawn of the enemy. If you have further questions just let me know Regards Andreas
  13. Hi, It seems that you haven't installed the plugin. Have you done the following steps provided by cranberrygame? https://github.com/cranberrygame/phonegap-plugin-ad-admob#xdk Then the plugin must appear in the ..additional.xml file. It is also strange that you have two of them. Have you tried to create a new project in Intel XDK and then Import the C2 files?
  14. Hi, thanks for your registration, Can you please attach also the content of your intelxdk.config.additions.xml?
  15. Hi, I changed the way the objects are created completely. Now the platforms doesn't overlap anymore. I sent the file to your mail addresse you are using on our support forum. Please let me know if it worked for you, then I'll publish it on codecanyon as update. I bookmarked the position where the changes start and end. Changelog changes were made in the event sheet es_gameFunction for spawning the platforms randomly has been revamped (Now either a normal, fading or moving platform will be created, so there is no way of overlapping)Function for spawning the springboard has been changed to work with the new platform creation functionLet me know if you find any issues or bugs.
  16. Hey, I'll work something out for you. I guess it will be ready on the coming weekend Regards Andreas
  17. Hello Pretje, Thank you very much for your purchase and your message. 1) Does this also happen in the original file of candyland without modifications? If not, can you send me your customized file to contact@shatter-box.com please? 2 & 3) I'm aware of that problem. I tried to solve it the way you mentioned above, but I also understand that this might look 'unprofessional'. But to avoid this, the creation function must be completely reworked. Maybe I find a smoother solution for that. If you could send me your file I'll have a look at it But don't attach it here, please. Thanks! Andreas
  18. Please try this tutorial first, before you post your question in the forum. Tutorial: How to build with CocoonIO (Construct2) Videos Please also see our videos on YouTube. Find all videos here. Comment this post if you have suggestions or issues building your game. Otherwise open a new topic with your problem.
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