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  1. Andreas

    Cordova iap

    Hi @Melson Thank you for your post and sorry for my late respone. Just tag me in your post, so I get notifed. What template have you purchased? Then I'll make an update including an automatic restore function. Regards Andy
  2. Andreas

    Random sound

    I'm glad to hear that, let me know if you need further help
  3. Andreas

    Random sound

    Hi, just add a condition like "Is any audio playing" and invert it. You also can add a specific tag (or more tags). Like !"Is playing "sound_1". Regards Andy
  4. Andreas

    Random sound

    Hi that's not difficult. Just name your sounds like animal_1, animal_2 and so on. then add an event like: "On touched button" - Audio - Play audio by name "animal_" & round(random(1,x)) // while x is the higest sound number Regards Andy
  5. Hi @deepak malhotra Welcome to the board. What Java JDK version do you use? Can you post a screenshot of the APK Signer tool? It's maybe an invalid keystore file, or a bug in the JDK version. I recommend you to download and use JDK 6 (1.6). You can download it here for your OS. http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javaee/downloads/java-ee-sdk-6u3-jdk-6u29-downloads-523388.html Let me know if this fixed your issue. Regards Andy
  6. @Роман К I'm glad that it just was this Let me know if you have any further issues / questions here. Regards Andy
  7. Hi @Hendra Thanks for your post. If you just have created your AdMob account it could be that you need to verify it first. This can be done by getting a small amount transfered to your bank account. A friend of mine had the same problem. Once he had confirmed / verified his admob account, the ads were shown perfectly. Can you check your account? If the test ads are working, your code and plugin setup is fine. So it only could be the ID's Regards Andy
  8. About Download our free Construct 2 capx example for Cordova Chartboost. Download https://shatter-box.com/download/cocoonio/code_examples/CocoonChartboost.zip Find more free code examples here: https://shatter-box.com/download/ Notes Please note that you need the "Cordova Plugin Package" by cranberrygame in order to open the project.
  9. About This template includes a tab menu function and a fancy menu. The template is available for free. If you got any issues or requests, just reply to this topic. Download Tabs_and_Menu_Effects_v1.0.0.zip Dokumentation https://shatter-box.com/knowledgebase/game-template-tab-menu/ Changelog v1.0.0 - 19. Dec. 2016 First Release
  10. Andreas

    Black Screen

    Hi @albert cruz I'm glad that it worked now for you. I'm using version r239 and it works fine as well on my end. I can remember an issue with version r240 due to the new WebGL code. You can read more about it here. https://forums.cocoon.io/t/conctruct-2-bug-cordova/4178/17?u=andy_reitberger About the performance. You can do something to speed it up. Please see here https://shatter-box.com/knowledgebase/troubleshooting-fixes/#slow-loading But it also can be caused by your project (code or/and large images). I would be glad if you tried my game here. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.matchtrhee.shatter It has the lazyload fix in. Regards Andy
  11. Andreas

    Black Screen

    Hi @albert cruz You can create a Developer App from your Cocoon Project. Then run your Construct 2 exported files as .zip with this app. So you have access to the device error log. Please share a screenshot of the error. Please find a link here. https://shatter-box.com/knowledgebase/cocoonio/#debug 1) Login to your cocoon account and select your project 2) Scroll down till "Compile Developer App" 3) Download and install the Developer App. This app has the same plugins installed and the same preferences (bundle id and so on) as your final build. So you can test all functions including Leaderboard and InApp with it. Regards Andy
  12. About I'm currently working on a tool similar to the APK Signer Tool. It allows you to create certificates and sign your applications with it. The application is currently in development. Download Win10_SigningTool.zip Changelog v100 - 02.Mai.2017 First release
  13. Hi @SettReznov Thank you, I'm glad you like it About your issue with Intel XDK, can you send a screen shot?`I'm currently try Intel XDK for my Match 3 game because Cocoon isn't working like it should at the moment. Regards Andy
  14. About Here you will find a tutorial showing you how to publish your Construct 2 game in the Apple iTunes Store. https://shatter-box.com/knowledgebase/publish-your-game-to-itunes-ios/
  15. Hi, I made some tutorials showing you how to publish your Construct 2 game using Intel XDK. https://shatter-box.com/knowledgebase/intel-xdk-complete-guide-for-construct-2/ You also will find a video on our YouTube Channel. Feel free to reply here if you stuck or have any additional questions.
  16. The last update of our Forum CMS added a new leaderboard to the board. https://shatter-box.com/forums/leaderboard/
  17. Hi @djdempaf1 it seems that you have not entered a path to your JDK installation. Please download and install at least JDK6. Then make sure to navigate to the bin folder and check if there is the "jarsigner.exe" in. Regards Andy
  18. About Match3 Match3 bases on the popular game “2048”. The goal is to match at least 3 objects of the same kind in any direction. Then the objects will be merged and upgraded to the next higher level. The game ends when you have reached 2048. In order to achieve that, you can use two kinds of perk. The Bomb You can place a bomb on an empty spot. By double-taping on it, you can activate it. Once the countdown is running, you cannot change the bombs position anymore. The Joker The joker can be any object placed already on the field. Just drag the joker and drop it over the wised object. Download for Android and iOS Download from Google Play Download from iTunes Made with The game was built with Construct 2 and compiled to Android and iOS with @ludei 's CocoonIO including following plugins. CocoonAds (to show AdMob Banner & Interstitial Ads) CocoonGooglePlayGame / CocoonGameCenter CocoonInApp Moreover this game is using @cranberrygame 's awesome Cordova Plugins! Cordova Analytics Cordova Chartboost Changelog ★ v1.2.4-Beta ★ 1) Save & Load function revamped (now using LocalStorage) 2) Fixed: Banner ad was shown in the Store page randomly 3) Fixed: Sometimes a SaveGame just disappeared 4) Fixed: Game waits now in the background if it processes Save & Load functions and the player wants to leave the game 5) Removed: An empty inventory will not be filled anymore (due to the SaveGame feature) 6) New: Load badge now shows if a SaveGame is available or not! ★ v1.3.1-beta ★ 1) Localisation for German added 2) Hotfix for reward system 3) Minor bug fixes 4) Removed unneeded objects from the game 5) Link to the Privacy Policy was added Full changelog will be shown in the game. ★ v1.3.3 - RC ★ 1) New UI Design 2) Shop updated 3) Minor bug fixes Full changelog will be shown in the game. Feedback Any feedback or any suggestions are welcome and appreciated! Just let me know what you think about it Thank you guys!
  19. Game is now available on Scirra https://www.scirra.com/store/royalty-free-game-templates/corsairs-escape-android-2922
  20. Hi @SettReznov The game is ready and on upload to scirra / codecanyon. Here is a android demo https://shatter-box.com/download/android/demo_applications/CorsairsEscape-armv7-demo.apk Let me know what you think about it
  21. Good news @SettReznov I'm already done with this Game. Just a few things are missing like AdMob and a Leaderboard. I guess I'll finish those tasks today and then I'll upload it to scirra / codecanyon / codester. I keep you posted. Regards Andy
  22. Hi @SettReznov The idea of this game is pretty cool. I'll see what I can do Thanks for suggestion a game project. I'll start as soon as possible.
  23. About Ludei has published a new update for its cloud service CocoonIO. Now you are able to publish games to following platforms (in addition to iOS and Android). Windows 10 Ubuntu MacOS Steam At the moment this state is in beta and only available for paid memberships (silver or higher) I'll publish some tutorials on how to use the new built system. Tutorials Coming soon
  24. Andreas

    Every Tick

    Hi Sheldon, Mostly if you use the "Every X Second" condition is enough. However sometimes you cannot avoid to use the "Every Tick" event. But don't do it that often in one project. Regards Andy
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