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  1. Hi! Can you try to run it with JRE8? I'm running this version on my machine and the APK Signer works fine on my end. It could be that the apk signer is incompatible with JRE9.
  2. Hi, please try to make a right mouse click on the ".jar" file and choose "Open with..." and "Java (TM) Platform SE binary". Please see the screenshot attached below. If you still have troubles, please reply here instead of scirra. It's easier for me to help you out here. Thanks!
  3. Hi @TheGhost Web Thanks for your post. Can you try JDK6? I know that there are some problems with higher JDK versions than JDK6. Maybe try to create a new keystore file with the APK signer (the link you shared above). I'm using this tool for many years now and it's still working fine for me. Regards Andy
  4. Still strange, but I'm glad that it's finally working for you. Feel free to post the game link at the showcase area on this forum https://shatter-box.com/forums/forum/46-completed-creations/ Good luck! Regards Andy
  5. Hi Gary, That's not the case. You must install the plugins in Construct 2. If you add the GameCenter and InApp Plugin at cocoon, you also must do the same in Construct 2. iTunes just adds the privilegs to your app which allows it to use InApp and GameCenter. That's not associated with the plugins you use. However it's still strange that your config.xml looks the same. Did you delete the config.xml file coming from the C2 export before zipping your files? The easiest would be if you sent me the capx file, or at least a minimalistic example where you got the blackscreen. Then I can test it on my end. You can send me private message if you don't want to share it publicly. Regards Andy
  6. Hi @Gary I see what your issue is. Your config.xml file was overwritten by the construct 2 config.xml file. You MUST delete the config.xml file which comes from the c2 export before you zip your content. Can you remove your cocoon project, then export your c2 project and delete the "config.xml" file from the output. Then zip it and upload it as new project to cocoon. Add all your used plugins which you are using also in C2, then build again. If this still doesn't work, you can PM me your capx file and I'll have a look at it and try to build it on my end. Regards Andy
  7. Hi @Gary can you run your game code in the developer app? There you can access the error log and see what's causing the black screen. The error message you posted above is completely new to me. What framework do you use to code your games? Can you attach your config.xml file? Maybe it's an unsupported plugin which you are using. You can try to remove all plugins and re-add them piece by piece, till the issue comes up. I'm aware that this is very time consuming, however the best method to find the root of the problem. I only can say that it's working for me. I'm using Construct 2 to build my games. Regards Andy
  8. Hi @davidson_muniz Thanks for letting me know. Here is the working link. https://shatter-box.com/knowledgebase/cocoonio/#cocooninapp Regards Andy
  9. Hi Gary, that are good news. Well, basically a black screen issue is caused by a missing plugin either in Cocoon or your project. If you are using Cocoon Admob ads in your project, you also must install the corresponding plugin for it in your cocoon project. However if it had worked before, it's strange that it now doesn't. At the moment I'm not able to build my iOS project in Cocoon. I keep getting this issue. Does it work for you? Regards Andy
  10. Hi Gary, can you please attach the content of your config.xml file from Cocoon? Also what cocoon version are you using? "Latest"? I only can say that it works fine on my end. Maybe it's a thirdparty plugin causing the build crash? Regards Andy
  11. Hi Gary, welcome to the forum. I just tried to build my iOS project and it's working fine. However I have not uploaded any certificate. I sign the .xcodearchive file with XCode later. Have you tried to unselect the signing certificate already? Does it work then? Regards Andy
  12. Hi, I guess it's because you try to run a windows executable file on MAC (.exe). Can you try it on a windows machine? Regards Andy
  13. Hi! I just have finished my latest game "Sweet Candy Slide". It's available on iTunes and Google Play. iTunes: Sweet Candy Slide Google Play: Sweet Candy Slide Feedback Any feedback or suggestions are welcome. Just let us know what you think about it
  14. Hi @Craftnoob I started using admob in 2012. There it was diffrent than nowadays. So I'm not sure how the verfication works. However if admob tells you that you need a certain amount of earnings to activate your bank account, I guess the ads should work fine even without any payment details. You are right, if the test ID's are working fine, your game code and setup at cocoon is fine. So it only can be your ID's. What I know is that it might take 24h after you had created the ID's till they are working. Regards Andy
  15. Hi @Craftnoob I'm using AdMob in all of my games and it's working fine for me. However my last builts where only on iOS (working fine there). Have you tried it with the admob test ID's? https://shatter-box.com/knowledgebase/admob-how-to-test-ads/ Regards Andy
  16. Hi @Wansedu Malay yes make sure that you export or use a release version (unsigned). The debug version is already signed with a debug key. Regards Andy
  17. Hi, can you please attach the apk file you tried to sign? Regards Andy
  18. I'm glad to hear that. Wish you good luck with your game!
  19. Hi! I made a guide showing how to add the Facebook SDK to track conversations in your game. https://shatter-box.com/knowledgebase/facebook-conversation-tracking-app-installs-construct-2/ Regards Andy
  20. Can you try my game and tell me if it plays sound on your device? https://goo.gl/JHhUrI It's working fine on my end. Regards Andy
  21. I already have posted to cranberrygames plugin topic, but no respones yet... Hopefully he fixs it.
  22. Hi @odiusfly I tried it with my game Match 3, which was compiled a few month ago (and Charboost was working fine back then). If I want to watch an ad, nothing will be shown. I haven't tried to make a new built yet. This is the next step, however I have to finish some customer projects first. Have you made any new experiences? Regards Andy
  23. Sure, just let me know when the capx file is ready. I'm about to publish a new update for my game Fluffy Bounce. I'll try if Inapp are still working in this project. Regards Andy
  24. Just a thought, did you add your ID's to your version in itunes? Maybe this is the problem why it doesn't work in testflight. Regards Andy
  25. Hi @Kee Mann thanks for your purchase. The code seems fine on my end. Would you mind if you sent me your modified capx file as private message? I'll check it for you then. thank you Regards Andy
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