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    I have your template for iap and admob, I can buy a product and remove the ads, but if I reinstall the app I cannot restore the purchase and set variabel to 1 in ads_removed how can i call the restore variabel? I what to do this automatic not with a button restore
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    Thank you, this works. I just noticed that in this way, I can not get the other sound until the previous one ends. But I am satisfied with this mode. I'm learning a lot here in the forum, before I was only able to edit games that I bought, now I'm starting to create my games.
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    I had to publish Google Services. The whole week has suffered over the rating and authorization that the decision was so simple.
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    Thanks Andy! Will definitely give it a try
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    About This template includes a tab menu function and a fancy menu. The template is available for free. If you got any issues or requests, just reply to this topic. Download Tabs_and_Menu_Effects_v1.0.0.zip Dokumentation https://shatter-box.com/knowledgebase/game-template-tab-menu/ Changelog v1.0.0 - 19. Dec. 2016 First Release
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    Hi andy, it worked now. There is a bug (i dont know what to call it) on version r240 of construct. What i did was to downgrade the version of construct. At first i started from 224. It didnt worked, the black screen still appears and then i change the version again to r230 and it worked But...... I am not happy with the performance. Everytime i touch anywhere on the game. It hangs/lags for 1 second plus when i click on the start button to go to the main game layout, it took for an about 10-15seconds If i cant fix the performance, ill surely transfer to BUILDBOX
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    Hello, great tutorial. I have a question, I already tried to compile my games in several resolutions, "Portrait" 480,854 and up to 720,1280 but whenever I go to execute my apk, I see a settling on the screen and then the game opens in normal size, I thought it might be the resolution of the game but I've tried it with others and I keep seeing the "tuned" screen before everything is ok. I already checked, with and without full screen, I already checked the margins .... Note. If I compile using Cocoon.io, I have the screen all ok, only the performance seems to be smaller. So I'm having this problem just compiling with xdk
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    Hello, I have managed to solve my compilation problem. I'm using intel xdk, I looked at several tutorials and I learned, I did my apk, I created my key and everything works fine, however, I used webstorage in construct 2 to keep the highest score (record), but I noticed that Intel xdk not included in my apk, do i need some plugin to have webstorage on xdk? I'm sorry for my english
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    Suggested games Hello, I'm not sure I'm in the right place for this post .. I would suggest a very cool game for C2, I've played a lot in the "telegram" app, it is called "Corsairs", follows a video below. It would be amazing to have this game for CS, I'll definitely buy. Corsairs Game
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    Hi @SettReznov The game is ready and on upload to scirra / codecanyon. Here is a android demo https://shatter-box.com/download/android/demo_applications/CorsairsEscape-armv7-demo.apk Let me know what you think about it
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    Ok Andreas thank you anyway, if I find the solution I'll tell ok!
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    You're welcome This will help a lot of other people if you post it to ludei's forum! Thank you for that!
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    I have solved updating OpenSSL libraries
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    Hi the warning for an OpenSSL bug comes mostly from old and outdated compiler. Have you checked the latest compiler version at http://cloud.ludei.com ? If the warning remains, you need to wait for the respone from ludei, because the issue is caused by an outdated code in the compiler. I also know that an older version of Crosswalk has caused such an issue (https://shatter-box.com/knowledgebase/fix-openssl-issue/). But you said you are using cocoonJS, so I guess this is not the issue Hope this helps you Regards Andreas
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    Yes, thats work, btw, i have fix my latest issue, "Game screen is full, but not centered" in this issue, you must set all "Unbounded scrolling to yes" at the layout properties. You not must to change your projects width, my best screen resolution for potrait game is 720x1280. *of course, if you want to use this image, you can use it :D
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    Hi Andreas i have discovered a problem in your game ,when you pass from world to world and playing continuously the game is not save. example : i'm in the level 12 and i play the level 13 and level 14 after i returned to the menu the level 13 and 14 is not saving. Thanks
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    Well then just delete the current background for this level (should be located at the 'sky' or the 'bg' layer). Then add a new Object 'Tiled Background', load your image and place it in the same layer where the old background was
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    Hello Andreas, how are you? Thank you for all your help, I can control the character perfectly now. It looks great. Again thank you for all your help and support.
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    I have evaluated your product the same day I bought it. I gave 5 stars, unfortunately is only possible 5 stars, I would give more
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    Thank you for this great update. The game just got better. I am very satisfied.
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    This is incredible. Do not worry because the delay, all your games are great and it takes time to develop great games. I appreciate all your work and again I want to say that support is great and in my opinion, you are the best developer in Codecanyon. Thank you again.
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    I'm facing some issues, but the update is almost done Sorry for the delay. I hope I can fix it till friday! Regards
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    Hello, yes it was the right one, so when the player reaches more than 35 points the spinner (enemy) will be spawned randomly every 6-14 seconds. The game only has the spinner as enemy so far. I'm working on a update at the moment. I consider to include the other enemies as well. As buyer you will be notifed by scirra or graphicriver when the update is ready
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    Hello @SettReznov Thanks for your topic. In Jumper Jam the enemy will be created randomly when the player has reached more than 300 points. If you want to let the enemy great earlier then follow this steps. Open event sheet 'es_game'Scroll down till Game - Platforms - Open this group if closedSearch for the condition saying 'If points ar equal or higher than 300' and change the value 300 to fit your needs. If you want to change the period how often an enemy will be created (when the player has reached the set value of points) then you must change following line. 'Every round(random(6,14)) seconds' This is the time frame between each spawn of the enemy. If you have further questions just let me know Regards Andreas

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