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Triangle – The Game

Live Demo

Before you buy check out our live demos!

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The Game

The game play is simple. Just move your ship through the little gap of the expanding hexagon. If you made it through you will earn 1 point and with a little bit luck an extra shield. But if you collide with the frame of the hexagon you will loose your shield (if you don’t have any shields left, well then you will die and the game is over for this round).


The game offers a normal and a hardcore mode.

[creativ_tabs][creativ_tab label=”Normal”]The normal mode is the easier one. You can collect new shields during the game. You will earn 1 point for each passed hexagon.[/creativ_tab][creativ_tab label=”Hardcore”]Well the hardcore mode is a little bit diffrent. You only have 1 shield for the whole round. Moreover the hexagon will start rotating even when the other hexagon is still expanding. So the whole game will be faster. You will earn 2 points for each passed hexagon though.[/creativ_tab][/creativ_tabs]


Version 1.0.5-RC

  • First Release Candidate