1. Game Template 2 – Google Play Games

Game Template 2 – Google Play Games

Live Demos

See the Game Template in action! These following games are using our game template. Just try it!



Here you can download a live demo using the “CocoonIO” code example in order to use the Google Play Games Service.

  Developer Template (Android Demo)


Cordova Game (Intel XDK)

Crosswalk (Intel XDK)

Here you can download an APK test file using the “Cordova Game” plugin made by Cranberrygame.


Google Play Game Service

Include the Game Service easily in your project! We are using cranberrygames plugin Phonegap Game.

  • Automatically logs in on the first start (can be disabled)
  • Fetches the highscore from the Leaderboard if it’s higher than the local one
  • Enhanced record submission function. It only submits the record if it is higher than the one at the leaderboard

Well commented

You find a comment to almost each function explanations what it does. Also the project is grouped and well sorted.


Our Templates are still up to date. So we’ve updated it and replaced the outdated WebStorage function with the new LocalStorage function.

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