Cordova Plugin Packages

Install the Cordova Plugins

For the following tutorial we have used cranberrygame’s Cordova plugins. You also can use the original Cocoon Plugins by Ludei.

We have used following plugins

  • Cordova Chartboost
  • Cordova AdMob
  • Cordova InApp

by Cranberrygame and

  • CocoonCanvas+

by Ludei.

Please download and install those plugins above. Otherwise you cannot open our example files.

Cordova Plugins


Cranberrygame - Cordova Plugins 150 MB 3510 downloads

Download the awesome Cordova Plugin Package provided by Cranberrygame. The package...

You just need to drag and drop the c2addon file into Construct 2 in order to install the plugin. A more detailed way is shown in the manual.

Cocoon Plugins


Cocoon Construct 2 Plugins 8 MB 9277 downloads

Download the Cocoon Plugins for Construct 2 now! The download link fetches the latest...

Github-Repo URLs

Please see above for the “How to install Cocoon Plugins” guide and use following repo URLs.

Cordova ParsePushNotification



Cordova AdMob

Cordova (new, use this one)


Phonegap (old)



Cordova Game



Cordova NavigationBar




You find the rest here.

[creativ_button url=”” icon=”github-sign” label=”Cranberrygame Github Repository” colour=”green” colour_custom=”” size=”medium” edge=”rounded” target=”_blank”]

Just search for the needed plugin, copy the github URL and add “.git” at the end of it.

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