CocoonIO – Delete a Project


Login to your Dashboard on and open the wished project to be deleted. To do so, just click on the project name or the gear icon.

Then scroll down till the delete button shows up.

Just to let you know...

You can backup your config.xml file if you want to restore the project again. But you must upload your source code again.


No delete button

If you don’t see the delete button, deactivate your ad blocker and try again. Thanks for Jakub for the hint!

No Solution?

If you have any troubles deleting your project, please open a topic in our forum or at the cocoon forum.

Aktualisiert am Februar 26, 2019

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  1. I don’t have delete button at the bottom of the project?
    How do i delete project?

  2. If Adblock Plus is enabled, there are no BACK and DELETE PROJECT buttons. To fix this, disable Adblock Plus on the project site.

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