Basics of a Construct 2 Project

The Project

Layers & Event sheets

There are two diffrent kinds of sheets in Construct 2.

  • Layer
  • Event sheet

In the layer you can create your game with your elements (graphics) and in the event sheet you make them able to do something (in easy words). We’ve organized our project very carefully and well thought. We’ve created for each function a group. That makes it easier to find and edit separate functions.

If you want learn more about Construct 2 visit their side and there manuel.

Visit Scirra

Global Variables

Global variables can be accessed at every event sheet. No matter if the global variable was declared in the same event shee or not. There are two kinds of these variables

  • Text variable
  • Number variable

Note: Please do not delete existing variables if you don’t know what you are doing!

Local Variables

Those variables are only accessably from actions and events underneath of the local variable’s declaration.

For instance the image above. You cannot access the local variable imLocal at the On start of layout trigger, however underneath of the declaration.

To learn more about the variables please check the manuel.

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