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Appodeal – Add an application / game

Important Message

Appodeal Statement

Starting from March 1, 2018, we will cease supporting Scirra Construct 2 framework. See more details here.

Due to this, you are not able to select Construct 2 as Framework anymore!

New App

In order to add a new app to your Appodeal Account, just either click on Create App in the Header menu, or select the Apps tab and select Create App there.


After that, you will be redirected to the New App form. Firstly you have to select the Location of your app.


Then provide all needed details depending on your app / game.


Just to be sure...

The Bundle ID is the Bundle ID from your apk file.

When you feel ready, click on Create.

SDK Integration

Just to let you know...

This will be used to show you the needed docs later.


Choose your Framework here.


Then select the platform for your game.


Ad Types

After that, you can select the wished Ad Types.


Click on Next when you feel ready for the next step.


Only if you have selected Banner as Ad Type.


Don't forget...

Check in your Game Project if the area is free of any buttons or other important game objects. The Banner Ad will overlapp those then.

Disable Networks (optional)


Here you can disable any network which you don’t want to use.



Just to let you know...

This setting depends on what you want to achieve. If you want more income, then the Permission for the device location is needed. This could lead to bad reviews or lesser downloads.



Don't do that...

This setting should remain unchecked.



For Construct 2 games, select No.



I personally recommend you to set it to No. If you want to show ads via AdMob or mopub, use the native CocoonAds plugin provided by ludei.

Aktualisiert am Mai 6, 2018

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